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Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Splits

A heating and cooling system tasked to handle the varying climates that Long Island witnesses each year must be robust. An HVAC system must be effective and efficient to handle icy winters and humid summers. Ductless mini splits are great options for your home, whether you’re looking to heat and cool one room or a larger area of the home. Our Long Island HVAC company can install and service ductless mini splits.

The Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

There are several advantages to ductless mini splits on Long Island. A main advantage is their flexibility. For example, many people like to sleep in colder temperatures than the temperature they prefer to relax or work around the house. A ductless mini split will allow a homeowner to set their bedroom temperature to 67 degrees, but the remainder of the home to 72, for example. Because of that, they are more efficient than air condition units or heat pumps.

Ductless mini splits are also more environmentally friendly than other types of units because of their efficiency. If one room does not need to be cooled, that part of the system can be shut off, preserving energy.

Additionally, installation is simple and the system is scalable. Ductless mini splits can be installed on floors and ceilings, as opposed to a wall, providing additional flexibility. Whether you live in a one bedroom or five bedroom home, a ductless mini split provides the scalability to cool or heat your entire home.

Installation and Maintenance

We offer HVAC installation and maintenance services on Long Island. Our experts will evaluate your home to determine the heating and cooling requirements; this will lead to an expert opinion on the best system within your budget. Our Long Island HVAC technicians will install and test the system to make sure everything is running properly.

Once installed, we offer ductless mini-split repairs; it is never fun to lose cooling in the summer or heat in the winter. Any problem you notice or fear, our professionals are only a phone call away. Whether it is an abnormal smell or sound, a performance issue, water leaks, or a tripped breaker, we can solve the problem.

Contact our professional HVAC company on Long Island today for ductless mini split installation or maintenance today.

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