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Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

Anyone who lives in a hot climate knows how essential it is to have a functioning air conditioner. Keeping this in working order is necessary if you intend to stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. At Long Island HVAC, we are all about customer service and specialize in commercial or residential air conditioning repair. Our trained team of air conditioning contractors are fully certified for any commercial or residential AC repair.

Even the best made air conditioning units can break. If this happens to you, you will need an experienced air conditioning contractor to repair your air conditioning unit as soon as possible. Whatever air conditioning service you need, we have the expertise to perform air conditioning repair and bring cool air back into your home or office building.

Long Island HVAC is proud to keep all of Long Island and surrounding areas cool on the hottest of days. Get in touch with us if you have any problems with your air conditioning systems. For any air conditioning repairs, call us to schedule an appointment today!

Heater Installation & Repair

Having warm air in your home is a must going into the winter season. Hot water keeps the pipes from freezing and allows your family to take showers and stay hygienic. There’s no need to live in discomfort and stay under the blankets all day during cold weather. At Long Island HVAC, our residential or commercial heater repair service will help keep you warm even in the coldest of nights.

Our heater service allows your current heater to perform in perfect working condition. This allows heating and air to reach your home in the best way possible. Not only that, our heater contractor performs commercial or residential heater repair if needed. It’s essential that you get the right professional to diagnose any heater repairs you may need or you could be in trouble. Your family shouldn’t suffer because of a costly mistake.

For more information on all of our heating repair and air conditioning repair service, contact Long Island HVAC in Bohemia.

Furnace Installation & Repair Services

For those who aren’t as well-equipped with their handyman knowledge, furnaces can be a tricky fix. Especially when the furnace hasn’t been opened up in years, there could be some parts that you’re unfamiliar with. Furnace repair could be exactly what your home needs.

Here at Long Island HVAC, we take pride in our knowledge of furnaces. Whether it be single-stage, dual-stage, or a modulating furnace, we stay on top of the market and can perform any furnace repair service. We want to provide you with the best furnace service and air conditioning repair service around and that starts with an ever-growing knowledge base.

Some furnaces do not need repair, but rather need the gunk cleaned out of them. Our furnace cleaners know exactly the trouble spots to look out for to keep your furnace in pristine condition.

At Long Island HVAC, we want you, not the weather, to dictate whether you feel hot or cold. We put the comfort controls in the hands of all our valued customers.

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